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Message from President

- Corporate Philosophy -

Develop Engineering Business Globally, and Contribute to Sustainable Social Growth and Harmonious Coexistence with Nature

Kenichi Yoshida President

JGC Plant Innovation Co., Ltd. (JPI) as the second-largest member of the JGC Group is developing engineering services both in Japan and overseas jointly with JGC Corporation (JGC), which is a world-class engineering company of Japan, and also JGC's overseas subsidiaries.

While the JGC Group as a whole has positively focused on megaprojects, primarily LNG projects, JPI has had abundant experience with medium-sized jobs, facility diagnosis and maintenance services, and plant performance upgrading projects, both in Japan and abroad.

The basic philosophy of JPI's engineering business is:
Technology + Sincerity = Trust
JPI adequately communicates this basic philosophy to each of its personnel and closely cooperates with its clients as their best partner not only throughout the stages of engineering, procurement and construction, but also in subsequent phases of quality control and diagnosis and maintenance.
JPI has two subsidiaries overseas and 9 local branch offices in Japan, via which JPI can ensure close contact with local clients and offer best solutions with agility and flexibility to plant capacity boosting and safety and environmental protection measures.

JPI, in close liaison with other members of the JGC Group, will continue to positively develop project services and plant maintenance both in Japan and overseas to support its clients' further development and prosperity.
Well convinced that technologies and expertise of each of its personnel are the very source of its added values, JPI will continue to challenge to further enhance its expertise, acquire further technologies and boost project execution capabilities, aiming to contribute to further developing the JGC brand of the JGC Group.

Kenichi Yoshida

  • Message from President
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