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JPI's IIF Activities


JPI is developing IIF (Incident Injury Free) campaign as part of labor, safety and health and environmental maintenance at its construction sites, head office and local offices, aiming to improve HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) at the construction sites and enhance the quality of work at the head office.
Through its IIF activities, JPI seeks to establish its safety culture and further enhance the quality of its services, fulfilling social responsibilities as an engineering company and developing activities to contribute to communities.

  • IIF Activities
  • At Construction Sites in Japan and Overseas
  • At JPI's Head Office and Local Offices

IIF Activities

IIF campaign means activities intended to foster safety culture throughout organization or group at JPI with its personnel each encouraged to select and take their safety measures in accordance with JPI's mottoes: “All personnel involved in construction work are to exert the utmost care so as to be free from incident or injury during the work so that they can return home in good health after completion of the work” and “All construction personnel should take care of each other at the site.”
In IIF activities, all site personnel from the site manager to site workers are important players. IIF activities are being conducted, not in accordance with established manual or the like, but by self-motivated site workers themselves, adapting to different conditions at different sites. Thus, the IIF activities are aimed basically at promoting communications among personnel and consolidate mutual trust among them.

At Construction Sites in Japan and Overseas

JPI is developing the IIF activities at its construction sites both in Japan and overseas. At construction sites abroad, JPI personnel work with workers from various countries.
It is extremely important for site personnel to build up mutual trust relationship among themselves by positive and close communications among themselves. Workers at sites share the belief in working free from incidents or injury by taking care of each other or one another at sites so that they can return home in good health from sites after completion of work. JPI cultivates and promotes a culture that nobody at sites should be allowed to make others do, or be made to do, any unsafe work. JPI aims to create site environment in which workers trust each other or one another and work comfortably with a smile on face.
To this end, JPI is managing its sites, focusing on the following three points:

  1. To have workers enumerate points to which they pay careful attention, and have them committed to safety at work accordingly.
  2. To create an environment in which they can work comfortably free from stress and praise them for their good jobs, encouraging or motivating them to work all the more willingly.
  3. To encourage workers to be self-motivators, instead of instructing or ordering them to do things.

JPI seeks to create the best work environment in its history at construction sites in which many workers with different cultural backgrounds of different countries can jointly work, trusting one another.

Each of newcomers to construction site is supposed to commit himself/herself to working in a safe and healthy manner at his/her construction site.
KYK is conducted at the construction site for him/her, where predictions of dangers that are very likely to take place and measures to be taken accordingly are explained to him/her, with work quality affected by such dangers referred to. JPI is promoting good relations among its personnel and is pursuing high-quality design, aiming to become one of Japan's leading engineering contractors.
Workers are encouraged to hail or salute each other to deepen communications and trust between them. JPI strives to complete high-quality work on schedule while achieving zero accidents.

Also important is for managerial staff to positively seek to serve as leaders in developing the IIF campaign. This enables managerial staff themselves to learn and foster leadership on an OJT basis,

At JPI's Head Office and Local Offices

At JPI's head office and local offices, the IIF campaign is developed with the aim of further enhancing the quality of engineering work while ensuring safety at sites. To have a person do work, the contents of the work are adequately explained to the person, who is then asked to repeat what has just been explained to him/her, thereby ensuring his/her adequate and accurate understanding of the work. The results of his/her work are to be thankfully received, and its and his/her good points are to be praised highly enough to motivate him/her to positively challenge further work without mistakes.
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