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JPI Safety and Health Policy

JGC Plant Innovation Co., Ltd. (JPI) renders engineering services faithfully and securely, using its proven technologies, knowledge and lots of experiences, while endeavoring to maintain and promote the safety and health of all personnel concerned with its jobs and prevent physical damage and economic losses, aiming to contribute to sustainable social growth and harmony with nature.

Placing high priority on the above, JPI has established its basic safety and health policies as follows.

  1. JPI's management and its employees commit themselves to seeking to attain zero accidents and disasters.
  2. JPI's management continues to enhance and promote its employees' safety and health awareness.
  3. JPI's management and its employees strictly adhere to established rules and fully integrate clients' requirements and social needs into JPI's work, irrespective of organization, location, type of job, and its scale.

JPI ensures that this safety and health policy is closely followed by its top management, all its employees and subcontractors and are implemented in job execution.

July 1, 2013

JPI Environment Policy

JGC Plant Innovation Co., Ltd. (JPI), a renowned engineering contractor, is committed to contributing to the preservation of the global environment, the sustainable social growth and our coexistence with nature.

To meet this commitment, JPI has established the following basic polities, which are to be implemented throughout its operation.

  1. Positively offer proposals to clients on the preservation of the global environment, based on its expertise and technologies.
  2. Adhere to applicable laws and regulations and what has been agreed with its clients and interested parties with regard to the environmental preservation.
  3. Promote the reduction of waste, reuse or recycle of waste and energy saving, thereby reducing environmental load.
  4. Implement the following at each of the project execution stages of engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance work and facility diagnosis:
    • - Engineering is developed such that resources- and energy-saving and prevention of air, water and soil pollution can be attained with the aim of reducing environmental load.
    • - For procurement, vendors of equipment and materials are encouraged to take a positive stance toward environmental preservation.
    • - Construction work, maintenance work and facility diagnosis are executed such that resources used are minimized and their reuse or recycle is maximized for the purpose of reducing impacts on the environment.

July 1, 2013

JPI Quality Policy

JGC Plant Innovation Co., Ltd. (JPI) aims to fulfill our clients’ needs in the optimal way by fully applying our knowledge and experience with plant engineering and integrating various technology components, thereby contributing to the sustainable growth of the community and society at large in harmony with nature.

Under its above corporate philosophy, JPI has established its basic quality policies as follows:

  1. To provide plants and services fully complying with clients’ contractual requirements under applicable laws and regulations to their entire satisfaction, thereby gaining their full trust.
  2. To maintain our quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness.

July 1, 2013

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