Facility Diagnosis

  • Consulting Services
  • Nondestructive Inspection
  • Diagnosis and Management
  • Life Evaluation
  • Inspection, Analysis and  
Assessments or Judgments

Consulting Services

Support to clients preparing technological codes and standards, facility specifications, historical data and engineering data.
Support to clients seeking to be qualified for the certification of their high-pressure gas piping and first-class pressure vessels and boilers.

Nondestructive Inspection

Inspection, followed by further inspection and diagnosis, using the prediction/maintenance technology

Diagnosis and Management

Inspection and diagnosis of petroleum-refining, petrochemical, general chemical and gas treatment plants both in Japan and abroad through the JGC Group's global network.

Life Evaluation

Evaluation of lives and safety of damaged facilities due to aging, deteriorating environment and fires, based on their materials and operation records and damaged conditions.


Inspection, Analysis and  
Assessments or Judgments

Inspection to identify cause of damage, one of the most important items to ensure facility maintenance, and offer of measures or steps to be taken

  • Projects Handled
  • Maintenance & Diagnosis Engineering
    • Maintenance & Diagnosis Engineering
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Facility Diagnosis
    • Maintenance & Diagnosis Management System
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