JGC Plant Innovation Co., Ltd. (JPI) is carrying out comprehensive or part of EPC services for projects not only in Japan, but also in Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

In the fields of EPC, JPI executes projects encompassing consulting on development and basic planning, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance with respect to petroleum and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas treatment, fuel storage, airport aviation fuel supply, and power generation in Japan as well as overseas.Depending on their contents and fields, JPI executes projects jointly with JGC Corporation, its parent company.

  • Petroleum and Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Gas Treatment
  • Fuel Storage
  • Airport Aviation Fuel Supply
  • Power Generation

Petroleum and Petrochemicals

In the petroleum refining sphere, JPI has lots of experience not only in Japan but also overseas.
In the petrochemical field as well, JPI has constructed lots of plants, such as ethylene plants, which are the core of petrochemistry, polyethylene plants, polypropylene plants and aromatics plants
JPI can render highly reliable and economical services, using high-level technologies and facility management system from EPC to the revamping of facilities and their maintenance, with a view to accomplishing long-term stable operations of plant facilities, based on technology, expertise, knowledge, experience and know-how fostered by handling plant construction projects.



In the chemical field, JPI has technologies on synthetic detergent feed, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and synthetic resin, which are petrochemical derivatives, and also general chemical and fine chemical technologies, both of which have been cultivated by JGC, executes projects covering assistance with basic design, detailed design, procurement, construction and maintenance.
JPI is cost-competitive and can provide services meeting the needs of clients pursuing better products, irrespective of scale and stage of project or new or revamping project.


Gas Treatment

In the gas treatment sphere, records of JGC's construction of overseas plants and the technologies, expertise, experience and know-how fostered through the execution of such projects have been accumulated.
JPI offers services mainly to natural gas producers in Japan with respect to basic design, detailed design, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of natural gas treatment plants (and project execution services).
Most of such plants are to remove impurities from natural gas from wells and treat natural gas into city gas for household use. JPI also provides services on plants to treat crude oil from wells and also plants to recover LPG from naphtha.


Fuel Storage

JGC's experience with fuel storage ranges from conventional aboveground tank to underground tank, offshore tank and underground rock bed tank.
JPI, exerting technologies, expertise, knowledge, experience and know-how developed through the execution of fuel storage projects, executes comprehensive fuel storage projects encompassing consulting services such as preliminary study, location survey, technological survey and feasibility study, basic planning, basic design, detailed design, construction and commissioning.
In future, demands for energy-saving planning are expected to increase not only in Japan, but also abroad, and JPI can provide fuel storage services for petroleum and LPG with due consideration given to safety and environmental conservation, utilizing up-to-date technologies based on technologies, expertise, knowledge, experience and know-how so far acquired.


Airport Aviation Fuel Supply

In recent years, increasing numbers of passengers and cargoes have been using aircraft. JPI is providing services both in Japan and overseas covering consultations on aviation fuel supply system for airport, basic planning, basic design, detailed design, procurement, construction, flushing, commissioning, maintenance, the planning of the upgrading and revamping of aviation fuel supply system. The aviation fuel supply system JPI handles comprises fuel receiving system, fuel storage system and fuel hydrant facility, and JPI can also render services on airport facilities other than aviation fuel handling facilities.
JPI, one of the world's leading contractors for airport aviation fuel supply system, has thus been keeping large shares of projects of this sphrere both in Japan and abroad.


Power Generation

In 2012, JPI set up a power generation group in its Project Division, which is in charge of the support of clients on feasibility planning on renewable energy generation plants, mainly solar power generation, and applications with governmental agencies for approval of their construction, their design engineering, their construction and their maintenance.
Solar power generation is a clean and safe power generation system using solar light.
JPI will continue to actively handle renewable energy generation plant projects, mainly solar power generation.

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