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JPI's Business

JPI implements plant life cycle management for clients under a comprehensive system of FS/FEED-M based on a consistent philosophy, by organically integrating its expertise and technologies and using abundant experience and know-how cultivated at JGC Corporation (JGC) from plant's front-end engineering design (FEED) to engineering (E), procurement of equipment and materials (P),  construction (C), quality control (QC) and maintenance (M).

  • EPC
  • Maintenance & Diagnosis Engineering


FS/FEED(Feasibility Study/Front-End Engineering Design)

JPI fully understands client's requirements and project plans and gives due consideration to plants' construction costs, safety, operating costs and environmental preservation from an overall perspective, thereby working out highly efficient and optimum environmental process flow, and prepares FEED package accordingly.


Based on FEED, JPI starts with basic engineering on process with consideration given to work schedule, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, followed by detailed design to be developed using expertise and technologies on piping, rotating equipment, static equipment, combustion equipment, electrical, instrumentation & control, building and civil, thereby working out the optimum plant that is to be constructed at minimum costs.
Furthermore, JPI provides plant design complying with client's requirements for operation, maintenance and safety by conducting appropriate studies such as 3D model review, HAZOP, HAZID and SIL verification as needed.

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To construct plants comprising numerous items of equipment and materials, JPI manages their procurement under a comprehensive responsibility system by thoroughly expediting the manufacture or fabrication of equipment and materials and conducting their quality inspections and final inspections, followed by their transportation into sites. To select equipment and materials, JPI takes into overall consideration their qualities, deliveries and prices, thereby deciding on their most appropriate manufacturers with whom client are to place orders.
For the delivery of each item of equipment and materials to client, JPI goes through transportation procedures on behalf of client, observing local laws and regulations.

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Construction & Commissioning

Under the project manager, the construction manager, who is responsible for the operation of his or her construction site, prepares detailed construction plans. During the construction stage, discipline engineers involved in engineering are stationed at the site, as required, according to work progress, to supervise to see that the work is being properly conducted as engineered by them and give instructions accordingly, thus ensuring that their instructions are properly reflected in the work at the site.
Furthermore, JPI executes commissioning seamlessly upon mechanical completion, supporting the client for smooth start-up of the plant.

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Maintenance & Diagnosis

JPI provides maintenance services following the completion of EPC to ensure that the plant continues to maintain performance, reliability and safety for long after it is turned over to the client.
JPI, using its engineering functions and discipline expertise and technologies and also JGC's technologies, can offer optimum problem resolution methods to satisfy the client's needs.

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Quality Control

Backed by abundant experience gained at JGC Corporation, and using high technological capabilities, bargaining power, management capabilities and extensive resources being developed globally, with consideration given to environments or conditions in which equipment and materials will be used and the degree of difficulty of their manufacture or fabrication, JPI contributes to ensuring the quality of equipment and materials to be procured from manufacturers in Japan and abroad for projects, and their scheduled deliveries.

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